Capulin Volcano Run ~ Runner Instructions ~ Page 2


Check Your Bib!  When you get your runner number bib, make sure any information on it is correct.

Emergency Contact Number - Please write the name and race-day phone number of your emergency contact on the back of your bib as well as any known medical conditions.  This is very IMPORTANT!

Don't Swap Numbers!  Don't switch runner numbers and/or bibs with another runner.  This pretty much defeats the whole purpose of the number and causes a lot of problems.  If you are superstitious, this is a good time to get over it.  If you get eaten by a bear, it is much easier to identify you from your shredded bib than your shredded Nikes!

Be Alert!  Although public traffic on the trail will be reduced greatly, it is possible that some may be present.  A few public vehicles may be on the highway along with official vehicles.  Please stay to the right on the trail unless passing.  Pets, baby-joggers, strollers, bicycles, and skates are not allowed on the race course.  Headphones are strongly discouraged as you will need to hear other runners, emergency vehicles, and course officials.

Trail Warning - Although rare, there is the possibility of encountering poisonous snakes, bears, mountain lions, stinging insects, and other wild life.  Petting is strongly discouraged, especially for bear cubs - momma bear is never far away!

Trail Damage & Detours - The trail should be in excellent shape, but you should always be on the lookout for debris and uneven surfaces. Watch for and obey any warning or directional signs.

Hydration, Dehydration, and Hyponatremia - The weather in north eastern New Mexico during October can vary from freezing to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Know the risks and plan accordingly when running during extreme conditions.  Heat related injuries and hyponatremia are life threatening conditions.  Design your hydration plan accordingly!

You should drink what works for you.  Water and electrolyte fluids will be available along the course at regular intervals.  Medical problems can arise from excessive, as well as insufficient, intake of fluids.  If you feel dizzy, weak, disoriented, chilled, nauseous, experience blurred vision, or stop sweating, cease running immediately and seek assistance from a race official, aid station, or EMS personnel.  Insufficient hydration can lead to heat related injuries while over hydration can lead to a loss of sodium in the body which can be fatal.

All participants are urged to educate themselves about the medical risks associated with running by reading publicly available information on websites, pamphlets, and video.  Consult your personal physician with any concerns you  might have relating to your health.

Bag Check - Please leave your valuables at home and any necessities locked in your vehicle.  If you must bring a bag to the Visitors' Center muster point, you may leave it on the bus and it will be transported back to the Folsom School House.  Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for your bag - there will be no bag check.

Parking - Parking will be at the Folsom School House and surrounding area.

Do not hesitate to call 911 if help is needed! It is vital that you provide emergency contact information on the back of your runner bib.

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