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Capulin Volcano Run

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the race at 7:00 am?

The Capulin Volcano is a national monument and runners are not allowed on the volcano road during visitor hours.  The park graciously closes for two hours for the race - all runners must be off the mountain before 9:00 am.

Why is the race on Sunday?

Because we must hold the race early in the morning, we hold it on Sunday to allow runners to travel to the Folsom area on Saturday when many have the day off.  In addition, family events are often planned on Saturday night and all runners are encouraged to attend (click here for more info).

Will I die?

Yes, but probably not on this race.  All of our entrants survived the race and even finished.  Our oldest runner was 72 years young.

Are there really bears on the volcano?

Sometimes, but they are not often seen.  Remember - you don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun the fellow next to you.

What if I can't make it down from the top?

Stop, drop, and roll.  Or is that for fire?  Ummm, we'll get back to you on that one.

Who was that weird guy with the banjo by the third cattle guard in the 2008 race?

That would be my uncle.  Just be glad he can't chase you down since he got that bum leg during the infamous cow tipping incident of '68.  Incidentally, he can't even play the banjo - he's just copying an old movie he once saw.

A previous entrant to the race told me that it was a life changing experience.  Will it change my life too?



Capulin Volcano Run
all proceeds benefit the Folsom Museum ~ Folsom, NM