Sign this thing, will ya?  It gits lonely out here sometimes!


Bill Swift
Fri Apr 21 09:17:50 2017

My grandpa was born and raised in folsom. His name was Walt swift. Any onfo would be great

Terry Seaton
Wed Mar 1 19:11:17 2017

Are you familiar with a book by Cora Click "Us Nesters" about the early homesteaders of the area?

Thu Nov 3 23:31:32 2016

We will visit tomorrow Saturday. Do you need anything from Raton?

Paco Underhill
Tue Aug 30 14:21:44 2016

My wife and i will be visiting in mid-October. Can I hire a local guide to see some of the George McGunkin related sites? (email) for context.

Mon Aug 15 12:40:15 2016

Hi, I am signed up for the Folsom site tour for Aug. 20. I will be on the road, so can you tell me where to assemble and what time? Thanks!

Rich & Lynn
Wed Jul 13 11:58:10 2016

Is the Folsom Inn still there? We stopped there in March 2007 and split a Folsom Burger -- it was Madame's first burger in 20 years -- and loved it. I also recall a great barbed wire sculpture hanging about the bar. I still have the business card but the email to the address bounced back. Would love to stop back sometime.

Roy and Becki Reissner
Tue Feb 9 21:24:45 2016

Interesting place to live! Ours is very similar when we first moved to Show Low, Az. There was only one traffic light. Now we have people all over and Wal-mart. We are planning to visit your area soon. It sounds like fun for us. See you soon.

John and Pat Bridges
Mon Jan 11 20:04:47 2016

Are there any Catholic Church Records available in the Folsom area? Pat's mother was born in the Raton / Folsom area in 1930. We have no record or birthplace for her. We need a Church Record to prove her birth and birthplace.


Sun May 10 00:39:03 2015

Please, update the info on going to the site. It's this next weekend, but we have no clue about the who, what, and where. Pretty please?

Thu Mar 5 23:19:38 2015

I thought you might to list a Folsom reference from popular culture on your website since it is loaded with so many other wonderful details. The Folsom Point is referenced in "The Galileo Seven." The Galileo Seven is the sixteenth episode of the first season of the original science fiction television series Star Trek, broadcast by NBC on January 5, 1967. It was written by Oliver Crawford, inspired by the film Five Came Back[citation needed], and it was directed by Robert Gist.

In this episode, First Officer Spock leads a scientific team from the Enterprise aboard the shuttlecraft Galileo on an ill-fated mission. - JW.

Kimberly macLoud
Tue Feb 17 20:10:08 2015

Hi Jeanette, I live here in santa Fe and my friend KC Garrett told me about your tours of the Folsom site once (or twice) a year and I want to go!! Is it May 16? Do I need to make a reservation? I work at Trader Joe's so have to ask in advance for the day off. (also I would be glad to bring you any TJ supplies you might have in mind.) thank you, !Kimberly

Jeanette Chavez
Tue Aug 26 08:55:43 2014

Who owns the Folsom Hotel?

Nancy Dianne (Potts) Little
Tue Jul 29 14:49:51 2014

I have many decendents buried in the Folsom Cemetery. As I read the list I saw that many had their parents listed as "George W. and Emma Hardesty". FYI...This is should be "George W. and Nancy Elizabeth Hardesty". Emma Hardesty Adams was their daughter along with others buried there. George W. and Nancy Elizabeth are my great grandparents and I was named after Nancy.

Janetta Kennedy
Sat Jun 28 18:42:06 2014

I'm looking for a picture of the spring that is the beginning of the Cimarron River. I visited it in around 2000 and I believe I stopped at the Museum and got directions from a man who worked there. Is the museum also a convenience store?

Joe Folsom
Sat May 10 08:13:30 2014

Interesting place and web site. As I understand it, three brothers came to America on the Mayflower. Their descendants settled in GA, AL and out west. Guess that makes us kin.

Joe Folsom

Sandra Jones Woods
Thu Feb 20 23:58:34 2014

My family lived in Folsom from early 1947 to about 1951. I attended the Baptist Church and I think I am in the group picture taken in front of the church. I visited the Museum in the late 1990's and saw the photo in a display case. Is it possible to get a copy of that photo? I purchased the Folsom Historical Story and it is there, but too blurry to see details. Would be happy to pay for a copy. These were happy days for me. I was 8 yrs old soon after moving there.

Bobbie Brune
Thu Feb 20 16:54:12 2014

Who could I contact to obtain either a photo, if one is available, or a drawing of what Bill Metcalf's toll gate (the two boulders with a chain across them) looked like (located near Folsom). I was there visiting in about 2006 and saw the historical marker and remains of the rock building and somewhere on that trip, I saw a drawing (?) of what the Toll Gate Gap looked like in it's heyday. He was my great grandfather and was quite a character. I'd like to obtain either a copy of the drawing or of the photo if there is one.
Thu Feb 13 13:50:22 2014

Great History for a small town, Can't wait to make a trip there in the spring from our new town of Trinidad.. Need anything from Walmart? lol

Jerry and Nanette Tucker
Thu Feb 6 17:02:10 2014

Hey Please put the dates for 2014 events on the web site. We're planning our summer trip now.


J & N


Thu Feb 6 15:44:05 2014

Looking for information about the Folsom man, here I found your website, which I think FANTASTICally good, interesting and great fun. Wish I could visit .... My last trip to USA (15 years ago) took me to New Mexico and it remains the best memory.So, thanks and all the best from a French girl with pink lungs (yes, we do have those too around here!)

Tamela Heim
Thu Jan 23 21:21:38 2014

My Great grand parents owned a ranch right outside of Folsom,Minerva "Minnie" Lyddie Shoup & William Thomas Lafayette Honey,
Thank you

Sat Oct 19 18:37:33 2013

Love your web site. Really like the facts and comments in "Facts"

Jerry & Nanette Tucker
Sat Oct 19 17:57:24 2013

This is the greatest museum we have visited in forty six years of traveling in the west. We even chastised the New Mexico tourist bureau for not giving you more recognition. Keep up the great work and we will see you again in 2014. You need to let more people register and brand a board. Great museum!

Brenda Bird
Sat Sep 14 04:09:26 2013

Hi, I was researching Forest Fenn's Thrill of the Chase Memoir and the clues brought me to Folsom Village. My husband and I are hoping to travel to Folsom 3rd week of September. History of Folsom gave me great insight as to the beginning of human life and the beauty of the Folsom Falls drew me even more to the possibility of travelling there to see the area. So it is the destination of choice for our 2 weeks holidays away from home which has been a long time coming for some R & R. Love the website as it helped me with my thoughts! All the best BB

Christine Ridgeway
Mon Jul 22 09:19:05 2013

Hi , My Mother and I want to come to the Folsom Man site Tour. It has fascinated us for years but never had a chance to go to the site. My Mother is 81 so I want to know if we have to hike to the site or can a private car drive fairly close? Since we are driving from Denver, will there be special times or is it an all day drop in type of thing? Thank you and I look forward to visiting.

Steve Melton
Fri Jul 19 08:52:21 2013

I was perusing some websites for interesting places to see on the way from Dallas to Denver and ran across this website.

I vaguely remembered reading about Folsom man in an anthropology course I took at Texas Tech in 1970. Which by the way was the year for an ole' antique calendar in your museum. If it weren't true, I would take offense.

Also saw a teacher's attendance book dated 1964-1965 which was the year my wife and I were finishing our elementary school days. Ouch!

We really did enjoy all the old stuff in the museum and Vinita's curating commentary. We need to allow more time on our next visit to view and read exhibits. You guys have done a fantastic job!

I just typed the word 'volcano' in the box. Assume you guys want to verify how to spell it. We do spell it the same way in Dallas.

Black Jack Ketchum
Sat May 11 19:33:58 2013

We try to answer emails. The interesting ones, anyways.

Try to be interesting.


Tue Apr 30 10:45:12 2013

Hey, do you ever check your webmaster email? If I give you a heads up can I send questions to the Black Jack Ketchum email instead?

Sun Apr 14 15:51:21 2013

whom ever wrote facts and stc. sure has a good sense of humor, loved it

Black Jack Ketchum
Tue Apr 9 15:48:50 2013

Zane, take a left at Timbuktu, then a right at Boondock City.

Or just type Folsom, NM into Google maps.


Tue Apr 9 14:34:34 2013

I'm still trying to find you on the map!

Jeff Smith
Mon Apr 1 15:01:39 2013

Came across your site while doing family research. Among my great-grand parents are Horace Greeley Fowler and Emma Male Belle Fowler. Fowler Canyon, which is near Folsom, was named after them. They are buried in the Des Moines cemetery.

Enjoyed your website!

Steve Parks
Wed Mar 27 21:34:05 2013

I bought the coffee table history book on Folsom approximately Mar 12th. I'm looking forward to receiving it.... & may use it for reference in some paintings.
thanks-Steve Parks

Steve Parks
Wed Mar 27 20:11:42 2013

I bought the coffee table history book on Folsom approximately Mar 12th. I'm looking forward to receiving it.... & may use it for reference in some paintings.
thanks-Steve Parks

Steve Parks
Wed Mar 27 20:00:11 2013

I bought the coffee table history book on Folsom approximately Mar 12th. I'm looking forward to receiving it.... & may use it for reference in some paintings.
thanks-Steve Parks

Steve Parks
Tue Mar 12 22:50:51 2013

Steve Parks is an oil painter with interests in painting Folsom Falls & some of the remaining historical building foundations.

Brenda Black
Fri Mar 1 12:20:36 2013

Wonderful website, thanks. My husband grew up on the Dry Cimmaron - his ancestors were in the area since 1910. We have made many 'pilgrimages' to this spiritual place. I am writing a memoir of his father, Keith L. Black, who was a sculptor. In the 80's, he donated one of his sculptures to the museum. Is it still there? Hoping to see you this summer.

Mr. Steven M. B.
Wed Jan 16 20:42:39 2013

Really enjoyed the authenticity of the Folsom Museum which preserves the local history of the family values this nation was built upon.
The small town needs to survive for future generations. In essence this gives the greater benefit of individuality. Plan on my continued support from Des Moines.

LeGrande Babb
Sun Oct 28 23:59:03 2012

Its been several years since I came through there. At the time the old hotel was still abandoned. The woman at the museum said the owners did not want to sale at that time. I would love to renovate it completely if it ever comes up for sale. Please let me know if you hear anything about it. Thanks

James Folsom
Mon Oct 22 18:35:52 2012

Good information, thanks for a great site...

Robert apRhys
Sun Jul 22 12:46:35 2012

Reading your history...I have a question...what made the Folsom Inn "infamous"? That is a curious reference without any supporting curiosity is piqued.

Betty Cox
Thu Jun 7 20:26:25 2012

I ran across your website several years ago and didn't realize you had a guestbook. I have to thank you so much because it was on your site that I found information about the 1908 flood in Folsom. My great grandmother, Martha Hogg Cox and her daughter Theela were visiting the Wheelers when the flood occurred and they all lost their lives. I grew up hearing the story but none of the family had anything in writing. This has completed a journey for this family.

When I was about 10 years old we rode the train from Albuquerque NM to Laramie WY and remember going over Raton Pass, so guessing that I have been through or near Folsom NM. One of these days I would like to visit the town and see the Wheeler Family Headstones.

Folsom Village
Sun Jun 3 19:47:15 2012

Thanks for the comment, Jay!

Hope to see you guys soon.

Jay Drager

Sun Jun 3 15:01:39 2012

This has got to be the best website ever made, gobs of information and all tabs work as intended, GREAT JOB!! I cant wait to bring the family for a visit of your fine city and sights. Who knows with a little luck maybe we will find that elusive caveman.

Marion cottrell
Mon May 28 23:01:17 2012

Very interesting. I am originally from Des Moines (DMHS-Class of 1947). Went to UNM and the Univ of California. Retired professor of Civil Engineering at UNM. I live in Albuquerque just a block from my brother Howard (class of 1949). I have been planning on coming up to see the Folsom Man exhibit for some time. I'll be up one of these days.

mary chris barth
Tue Apr 24 23:58:33 2012

What are the details of the 2012 tour May 11.
Where do we register? Folsom is a favorite of my childhood memories. We lived at Felt and banked in Raton. Those business trips were our family outings. Love your web site.

Mary Lindauer
Wed Mar 14 22:07:29 2012

Hi Mike,
My sister and I will be back for the Volcano Run again, even though it kicked my butt last year! That altitude is not something I can overcome, apparently. See y'all in September!
P.S. I quit facebook...but I still "like" the Volcano Run!

JoAnn Rael Fitzgerald
Wed Feb 1 11:57:05 2012

The greatest years of my life was being born & raised in Folsom. My children will never experience life as we did living there with no inside bathroom or running water but we were happy. My father Albert Rael should still have some fine pieces of antiques consigned to the museum. Folsom is Gods country.

Lisa Fergason

Sun Jan 22 19:34:23 2012

Sorry, our property is just north of Folsom on Hwy 456! New barn went up this month!

James & Lisa Fergason
Sun Jan 22 19:31:09 2012

Enjoyed the Folsom Village website - we currently live in Sanger Texas but recently purchased land on 325 (north side) just past the Folsom Cemetery! We are looking forward to meeting our neighbors and enjoying the beautiful area!

Sat Jan 21 21:07:43 2012

I researching the Trujillo Family Tree, My Grandmother was from Folsom, her name is Lucia Gonzales (Maiden), Married twice: 1st husband:Zenedon Trujillo 2nd husband Rosendo Trujillo. Would anyone have any information on my grandmother or the 2 husbands for my family tree, I would appreciate very much.

Judy Rocha
Tue Jan 3 00:34:35 2012

I'm doing a Family Tree History and needed help. Thanks to the Lady's in Museum and Library I'm getting my info.I lived there 30 years ago and just hearing someones voice that know part of my family brought back old memory's. Again Thank you and have a very Blessed Year. Lov U Judy Rocha

B.G. Berg

Mon Dec 26 17:23:02 2011

I just stumbled onto this site and I had a great time! For such a small town, the information and presentation (with great humor!) on the site is really excellent! I found the advice for prospective new Folsomites to be fascinating. Keep up the good work! B.G.Berg, Southern California - a place where there are, sadly, very few pink lungs.

LeGrande Babb
Mon Dec 12 23:30:48 2011

My son and I visited in June of 2010. Fell in love with the place.
The woman at the museum (can't remember her name) was great. Gave us a lot of information about the village. She even could tell me that the old hotel and bar was not for sale. I would love to get that place and restore it and turn it back into a hotel/saloon.
Wouldn't that be awesome!!!

tom mcelmurry
Thu Sep 22 14:47:24 2011

The last time i was in folsom i stayed at my uncle freds place, a garage & gas station on the corner i think the side walks were up off the ground to keep out of the mud,am i right? P>S> his name was Fred Honey

connie honomichl
Sat Aug 20 15:17:47 2011

we went on a trip never been to mexico we stopped at a little gift shop was nice then we drove till we hit folsom was a cute little town was reading on your town some funny stories but we really enjoyed it we will be back again

Renee Jones

Thu Jun 2 22:20:43 2011

wanted to show my son his grandma's hometown, she is Lola Dolores Rael. Great photos and history.

J Cade
Fri May 27 11:42:05 2011

Your site has sparked our interest in visiting. Good work!

Charles Petermeier
Thu May 26 08:50:18 2011

I would like to register for the tour on June 18, at 1:00.
My personal # is 505-231-1722.
I also left a voice mail message on the museum #.

Bobby Gurule
Wed May 11 10:26:52 2011

The Home on the Range article in the May issue of the New Mexico Magazine re-generated my interest in my birthplace - Folsom. If I could, I'd live there!! The greatest folks ever!!

Gene Bundy
Tue Mar 15 13:18:42 2011

Hello gentle folk in Folsom. We were there last year on the day of the Site Tour. Didn't know anything about it. Were told to register in advance for this years site tour. I've spent a bunch of time searching for a place/information about the Folsom Site Tour for 2011. HELP! Where can I sign us up for the tour.

Thanks, Gene

Chad Stamm
Sun Jan 16 16:16:26 2011

Glad to see you are still around town. Every now and then I drop by the site to see what is going on. Still doing a Great job.

JJ Rivera
Mon Jan 10 13:47:04 2011

I own a septic tank cleaning and portable toilet rental company in Trinidad, Co. and
I have been doing alot of business in Folsom and just want to say thanks to all the friendly people out there in that little slice of paradise. If there is anything I can do for your town or museum let me know. JJ Rivera
Little Stinker Septic Service

Thu Jan 6 14:59:04 2011

I was just looking around at the website. I wanted to offer my clubs services to the town of Folsom. We are a metal detecting club with the interest in preserving history for tommorows generations. if the museum or any other folks are interested in have metal detecting done please let me know. there is no cost, it is a honorable pleasure being able to preserve a little bit of history. all items that we would find would be offered to the museum first. here is our website,

I hope all the folks of Folsom have a wonderful New Year!

Sat Dec 11 09:22:30 2010

Great Site, very through and informative

Laura Brewer
Sun Nov 28 19:04:26 2010

Hey, there, Mike. Like the site. How goes the robotics club?


Sat Nov 27 21:23:20 2010

The top site on the Lodging page requires that you bring your own sleeping bag. Be careful entering, too, as there's still some glass in the windows.


Sat Nov 27 20:36:05 2010

Hi Mike,

I really love the new look for the site. Great job and thank you for all you do to promote the wonderful attractions in our hi-lo country.

Mike Schoonover
Thu Nov 25 00:12:35 2010

Yep, still here. Still doin' this. Ain't it grand?


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