There are some pretty neat places to hang your hat for a night or two in these parts.

This page has a fair take on the lodging situation.


Bedroom Door by Tim Keller Photography © 2010

image courtesy of M&M Inn
M&M Inn

Location: Des Moines, NM
Distance from Folsom: 10 minutes
Distance from Capulin Volcano:
13 minutes
Distance from Convenience Store: 1 minute
Distance from Restaurant: 4 minutes

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SaddleRock GuestHouse

Location: Branson, CO
Distance from Folsom: 20 minutes

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image courtesy of Mike Schoonover

image courtesy of  Capulin RV Park

Capulin RV Park

Location: Capulin, NM
Distance from Folsom: 10 minutes

Accommodations: camper & tent sites, cabins

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Extras: WiFi

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Spahn & Friends Bison Ranch

Location: Trinchera Pass near Folsom, NM
Distance from Folsom: 30 minutes

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image courtesy of Spahn Bison Ranch