People of the Area

The Folsom area has been populated for at least 12,000 years -- the first citizens being the hunter gatherers we now know as Folsom Man.  Nowadays, there may be fewer animal skin robes, but the people are just as colorful and interesting as ever!

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Shakin' Out a Loop by Mike Schoonover

Christina Boyce

Christina was born and raised in the Santa Fe area.  She has a degree in professional theatre costume design, but her passion for art spills across a wide range of mediums.  Christina now lives in the Folsom area and is the proprietor of a studio in Des Moines, NM.

Christina's enthusiastic creativity reveals itself in her work and in her sanctuary --

Studio C Gallery & ArtSpace

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artwork by Christina Boyce
photos by Tim Keller

Dino Cornay

Dino Cornay is a renowned western artist.  He renders the world with an eye for incredible detail -- and a pencil.  His works have found their way into the hearts and homes of countless people: locals, travelers, and fellow artists alike.

Dino recently applied his skills to the realm of the cartoon, with hilarious results.  He claims that no one in the area served as inspiration, but the local citizens all claim to see each other, and sometimes even themselves, skewered by Dino's sharp wit.

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Tim Keller

Tim Keller is a prolific writer, photographer, singer, song writer, and school teacher.  He has written articles for the Western Horseman, New Mexico, and Range magazines, all while contributing regularly to The Chronicle News of Trinidad, Colorado.

Tim especially enjoys combining photographs with an article to bring his visions full circle.  There is a story behind every picture and a picture behind every story -- Tim is driven to capture both.

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top two images by Tim Keller Photography © 2010
image of Tim by Christina Boyce © 2010