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Trinidad, Colorado - A Historic Building Survey

Palace Saloon Building

Map location #11.

The building at 137 West Main, originally the Palace, is one of the few buildings in Trinidad built for a saloon and used continuously for that purpose except during Prohibition when it was converted to a confectionery. The Palace was supposed to be one of the most elegant saloons in Trinidad. The first floor contained the bar, which still retains the original back bar, the marble terazzo floor with a Greek key marble border, and the mahogany wainscoting. A kitchen was also on the first floor in the back. A beautiful dining room and a large gambling room occupied the second floor. The oriel was originally of stained glass enclosed in a gingerbread Victorian frame.

It is said that Carrie Nation once went to the Palace when she visited Trinidad, gave a stern lecture on the evils of drink, and when firmly but politely asked to leave, did so without incident.

Peter Munnecom, who obtained the original deed in 1877, was the original owner. There is conflicting evidence about who owned the property in 1911 when the Palace was built. One source suggests that J. A. Bell was the owner. Another indicates that John Aiello, the banker, purchased the land, which was part of the Baca Land Grant, for the purpose of building a saloon for his brother Charles.

The date the first photograph was taken is unknown. The second photograph was taken in July, 1970. 

Legal Description:  Southwest part of Lot 4---20 3/4 feet by 123 feet; Block 114 OTS.

Figure 24 Palace Saloon Building

Figure 25 Palace Saloon Building

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