1    They keep their lettuce in a wagon
3    Red or _____ ?
8    Most popular street name in the United States of America
9    Does amazing things with a pencil
11   One-armed, headless fellow
17    He lived nearby about 12,000 years ago
20    Town where residents all glow in the dark
22    Web search engines always think it's next to Tobago
25    Quite a hole in the ground near there
26    Peak with the largest base circumference of any free standing mountain in the world
27    Mighty proud of them bullet holes in the ceiling
29    Town with a "what", a "because", and a few malls
30    Most famous bear born in New Mexico
34    Erstwhile name for Raton
36    Ya gotta visit this town if the State PoPo catch you speeding in these parts
38    Hill with a view
39    It's got a mezzanine
43    World's most perfectly formed cinder cone volcano
44    One lake which supplies Raton with water
45    Wiped out in the big flood
46    This place thinks garlic is a food group


2    Where does this trail end up, anyhow?
4    Place to borrow some funny eye glasses for an hour or two
5    This stooped fella plays the flute
6    Used to have a whistle, now it blows
7    They were on top in 1963
10  You can get a fudge chaser on your way out of this place
11   Killed one man for every year he lived
12   Everyone's favorite radio station
13   We're kinda partial to this bird
14    Where you can find money in the floor and java in your cup
15   Symbol around the top of the building at 2nd & Cook in Raton
16   A nearby source of Demons
18   It's on our flag
19   Not just any kitchen...THE kitchen
21    You'll be served with an "Ole!". Well maybe not, but they ought to
23    You make dunes with it, play volleyball on it, or partake in Mexican cuisine there
24    Hamburgers in the desert?
28    The other lake which supplies Raton with agua
31    The whole state loves this plant (you know you do!)
32    Trash bin raider
33    Pisces path from the north end to the south end
35    They're always prepared there
37    Park with a cannon
40    Only place in Raton to get successfully intubated
41    Tough little nut usually found on the street corner
42    Take a right, four lefts, and another right in this town and you'll be on your way back home