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Maria McSharry
Wed Jan 10 16:09:39 2018

Thank you for putting this page together! I loved visiting in 2016 and seeing my family's grave stones, history, and the museum where my grandma (Vickie Gurule) used to hang out. It was awesome to buy the Folsom history book that has anecdotes of my great uncles. Thank you again.

Jack newkirk

Sun Dec 4 21:18:43 2016

Garrett newkirk had a second family after him and elizabeth divored my great grandfather is william riley half brother it would be nice to hear from a relative from New mexi
Co were just common country folk from michigan

Philip Donovan
Mon Sep 5 10:59:00 2016

Philip Donovan:
We are heading your way on Monday, 12 September! Your website is quite nice and we're excited to come learn about your village.

Nan White
Mon Jun 20 10:56:01 2016

I love the village of Folsom, and especially the museum. I try to visit once a year, but missed last year. I recommend the thick historical account, which is filled with amazing history. More than that, I recommend a visit to the museum!

dan cassidy cleveland
Fri Jun 17 13:40:19 2016

came by for folsom tour may 21, nice tour. nice museum grand aunt was annie doherty.

Allison Parks

Mon May 9 12:16:13 2016

R. B. Minton
Tue May 3 14:47:21 2016


Can you tell me more about the May 9 tour of the Dry Cimmaron River tour - such as where to be and when and cost?

Can you send an email?

Thank you. R. B. in Raton 575-445-7009

Mon Mar 28 18:19:12 2016

Was there with my parents when I was a kid and would love to come back this summer.

Mon Mar 7 10:33:54 2016

Is your history tour 2016 on May 5 Thurs or May 7 Sat? (Website says May 5 Sat but that's not a Saturday.)

Joe reavis
Mon Feb 15 21:00:05 2016

I'm planning on making it to the 21may2116 Folsom expedition. any information on this event will be appreciated.

Joe reavis
Mon Feb 15 21:00:01 2016

I'm planning on making it to the 21may2116 Folsom expedition. any information on this event will be appreciated.

Joe reavis
Mon Feb 15 20:59:51 2016

I'm planning on making it to the 21may2116 Folsom expedition. any information on this event will be appreciated.

Walter Grove
Mon Oct 5 15:16:21 2015

My wife Connie and I visited the museum in 2008. We enjoyed the antiques you have there. I grew up in Raton, my Uncle George Grove married Arletta Inlow crca 1938 of Folsom. The Grove family posterity are gathering next year to visit and see the country. I heard that residents of Johnson Mesa have a picnic in August and would be appreciative of any information you may have on that event. Great site you have; would like to see if reverse D bar brand is on the fence. That would be George Grove's brand from Grove canyon and Capulin.

Teresa Turner, a Floyd descendant in Oklahoma
Thu Aug 28 10:59:28 2014

My husband Russell and I really enjoyed visiting the museum in July and seeing my great-grandfather and his brother's instruments. I plan to make copies of a couple of photographs I have of them with their instruments to put with them.

Hank Norris
Sun Jul 13 20:20:08 2014

One of the Mackenzie Cartwright descendants
Fri Jun 20 20:27:56 2014

I guess we have some family history that happened in Folsom. I'd love to come visit the museum and the village someday. looks like some fun events go on in Folsom!

The Folsom Museum
Fri Mar 14 13:35:48 2014

Here ya go!

Roger Waguespack

Fri Mar 14 13:32:10 2014

I'm documenting locations of buildings with materials from the Mesker Brothers Iron Works of St. Louis, Missouri, which sold metal storefronts by catalog from the late 1880s to early 1900s, and noticed that the cornice and possibly the entire original storefront of your building came from there. The designs on the end-brackets are identifiers. Thanks for preserving it. I'd be happy to share more information about the Mesker companies if you could post an email address that I can use to respond directly.
Thanks, Roger

dave Mynatt
Wed Feb 12 13:36:57 2014

Was interested in Folsom Man exhibit. Neat area and nice museum.

Holly Baskins
Mon Aug 12 18:22:06 2013

Looking for relatives of Samuel Smith from the1900 census his son; Robert Smith buried in Gallup is my Grandfather.

Black Jack Ketchum
Tue May 21 00:08:14 2013

We're glad you enjoyed it!


Mon May 20 22:39:53 2013

The Folsom Man tour was fantastic. Great job everyone!!

Dennis G Garcia
Tue Mar 26 05:38:01 2013

Great compilation of information about my great and great great grandfather. Florencio, Caraciolo and Great Uncle Salome Garcia. I want to find out more about their life there and their extended families. Hope to visit there soon.

Thanks for keeping the records. Sincerely Dennis.

Wed Feb 27 13:23:02 2013

It's been 2000 since I've visited Folsom my dad Bennie Padilla was from Folsom.
Feb. 27,2013

michael trujillo
Mon Aug 20 14:34:50 2012

gggrandson alcario Martinez father of Josephine Martinez grandfather of Maria benina leyba trujillo my mother may you all rest in peace

your grandson and son
Michael trujillo

Janis {Hart} Maupin
Mon Aug 13 15:36:04 2012

I am sorry I missed recent event. Will try to make it next year. My family lived on the Purvine ranch [later Ed Bray lived there] back in around 1958. We only stayed one DRY year but loved the people and country so much. Best wishes with the museum.


Sat Jul 14 14:52:45 2012

I am coming to Folsom next week haven't been there since 1966, I was 7 at the time. My Grand parents (the Strasia's) owned Folsom Supply and my mother grew up there. We used to go every summer when I was a kid.

Judy Rocha
Mon Feb 6 00:04:45 2012

For Karen Mtz King I use to live in Folsom in the 50's My dad worked on the railroad tracks.I remember friends we had that lived at the station.I also remember boys that lived at the station. wow.. My ph # is 509-750-0478. I would like to know if you might have info I'm looking for.My father also passed away 15 yrs ago. Thanks Judy

Velma Hobbs
Wed Sep 14 17:07:27 2011

I'm looking for information regarding the Folsom Inn and Bar. Is it for sale? Can you give me any realtor info you have? Also, If a person were to want to reopen it as a restaurant/bed & Breakfast/bar/grocerystore, is this a feasible business opportunity?

Karen Martinez-King
Fri Sep 2 01:47:28 2011

I am the daughter of Charlie Martinez (deceased Sep 6, 2001) who was the Telegraph Agent for the Railroad before the building was moved. I used to live in the railroad station with my mother, Marguerite Mares-Martinez and brothers (Nick, David, James). When the Railroad Station closed my father went to work as the Telegraph Agent in Trinidad, 1958. I had the opportunity to take my son to visit Folsom, Folsom Museum, and Folsom Falls. I pointed out all the items I saw that I remembered from my childhood and told him stories of my adventures in Folsom. Emma said I could be the tour guide.

Jane Dorn
Sun Jul 3 17:58:09 2011

Looking forward to visiting the museum with grandsons Sean & Matt Doherty.

Donna Bader
Mon May 30 08:47:15 2011

We were thinking about coming for the tour on the 18th. Can you tell me about the day. Is it easy for seniors to access? How far is the walk? We are planning on staying at Whittington Center and driving over that morning. Thanks for any info that you can send.

Jim & Sandy Smith
Fri Apr 15 20:20:43 2011

We are looking forward to our first visit in May for the Dry Cimarron Valley Tour. We will do all that I can on a cane or in a motorized wheel chair. Is there anything we should know for the trip? We love interesting areas and towns and it sounds as if Folsom and surrounds fit the bill.

Wendell Weston
Mon Apr 4 19:52:55 2011

My wife and I are spending the winter at the KOA in Raton as work campers. We have visited Folsom several times in the last 7 months and find it to be a unique town with a lot of interesting sights and history. We only wish the museum had been open during our stay in this beautiful country.

Stephen Parker
Wed Mar 23 13:59:20 2011

This is a great site! I visited Folsom several times in the '80s, including the centennial in '88 with a neat parade. Also stopped at the museum, the cemetery, bought the commemorative book, etc. Mother's maiden name was Folsom, but I don't know if we're closely (or distantly) related to the former First Lady. It's good to find such a marvelous site for your town and region. It makes me want to visit again while I'm still young enough!

thomas mcelmurry (honey)
Tue Feb 22 11:57:25 2011

My grandparents owned the honey ranch outside of folsom, my uncle fred owned the gas station on the corner in folsom, was wondering if you had a book still for sale about folsom
thomas mcelmurry

Kathy Brown Phillips

Tue Feb 8 16:53:03 2011

Just searching for Texas ancestors and it has led me to Folsom. So fortunate that you all have preserved such a site. Thank you.

Mike Schoonover
Sat Nov 27 18:10:32 2010

Thank you to all our supporters!


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