Mesa de Maya

Art Studio & Gallery

Willard and Mary Ann Louden

A short, 20 minute drive north of Folsom on Hwy 456/551 will lead to Branson, Colorado. Branson is a small town of 70 people and home to one of the most interesting art galleries in the area - the Mesa de Maya Art Studio & Gallery.

The Mesa de Maya is owned and operated by Willard and Mary Ann Louden. Willard specializes in landscape acrylic paintings while Mary Ann performs in water color and also creates dazzling ornaments from tin cans.

The studio itself is a work of art - designed by Willard and handcrafted by family and friends without the use of modern cranes. Crafted of roughcut timbers from a Trinidad sawmill, the structure dazzles the eye with vaulted ceilings, ornate metal work, and unique architecture. The upstairs restroom is designed to look like an old time outhouse, adding a rustic and somewhat amusing touch.

Upstairs Loft of Mesa de Maya Studio

Landscape in Acrylic - Willard Louden
The beauty of nature - captured!

Educated as a geologist, Willard also lays claim to being a photographer, artist, rancher, and explorer. He has travelled the world, once spending two straight years traversing a good bit of it in a Land Rover.

Willard and Mary Ann have many interesting and exciting stories to tell. Visitors will be awed and amazed by the artwork while being entertained by the Loudens' oratory skills.

For those who just can't get enough, a spare bedroom can be rented for overnight stays.

Don't miss this treasure!

For more information, send requests via email to

Pottery in Water Color - Mary Ann Louden
This is some of the finest detail ever seen in water color!

"Outhouse" Bathroom
It's a "one-holer".

Indian Artifacts in Acrylic - Willard Louden
Unbelievably crisp detail!

Mountain Man in Wood Burning - Arlo Smith
Wood Burning like you've never seen it!

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