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Timing Specifications

December 10, 2008                Timing Specifications

This is an overview of various timing data and specifications for the pulser/receiver board and the overall system.

A/D sample rate:  66.666666 million samples/sec
A/D sample rate period: 0.015 us : 15 ns

The A/D clock is used to drive the A/D converters, the FPGA, and the DSP.

Minimum period for clock in of the DSP: 20 ns

Since the A/D clock is too fast for input to the DSP, it will be divided by two in the FPGA to obtain a 30 ns period.  Inside the DSP, it will be multiplied by 3 by using the PLL to obtain a 10 ns period.

Actual clock period of the DSP: 10 ns


Author: Mike Schoonover

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